Clover 8803-P765

6-Ply Needle Refill for
Embroidery Stitching Tool

Clover 8810-P766

Needle Threader for
Embroidery Stitching Tool

Clover 8813-P772

Tambour pour Broderie

Clover 8814-P773

Bâti pour le Tambour
de Broderie


Clover 8911-P959

Support pour le feutrage   

Clover 8922-P5980

Needle Felting Applique

Clover 8924-P5981

Needle Felting Applique
Mould:Floret and Berries

Clover 8927-P5983

Needle Felting Applique
Mould:Clover and Rabbit 

Clover 9100-P734

Mini Iron II The Adapter

Clover 9103-P743

Mini Iron II Adapter
Iron Tip Large

Clover 9105-P735

Mini Iron II Adapter
Slim Line Tip 

Clover 9200 Fer à Repasser-P6707

Fer à Repasser

Clover 9506-P736

5-in-1 Jauge Glissante
Sliding Gauge


Clover 9507-P737

Seams Right


Clover 9514-P738

Dresden Plate &
Fan Trace-N-Create

Clover 9517 Wrap-N-Fuse Piping-P128

Wrap-N-Fuse Piping 

Clover 9530-P744

D-Rings 3/4" 18mm
2-Pack, Glossy Nickel

Clover 9533-P779

Satin Bronze
D-Rings 1in

Clover 9534-P5965

Glossy Nickel
D-Rings 1 1/4in  

Clover 9544-P746

Swivel Latch 3/4" 18mm
Glossy Nickel

Clover 9581 Flex N Glide Bodkins-P6827

Flex N Glide Bodkins

Clover 9900-P739

Bead Embroidery Tool

Clover Rotary 7500 Rotary Cutter 45mm-P749* ***

Soft Cushion
Rotary Cutter/45mm