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Règle 8.5'' X 18.5''

By Rachel Cross

This 8-1/2" x 18-1/2" rectangle ruler is a workhorse.
It is the perfect size to span the most popular size of rotary cutting mats.
And, since it is 25% smaller than the original 24-1/2" version, it is easier to manipulate.
The wide width makes it the perfect choice to square up corners and borders.

It features easy-to-read black and white markings printed in 1" grids marked in 1/8" and 1/4" increments.
Use the black numbers (printed on white dots) and the 1/4" grip sides to cut whole inches, while the white numbers (printed on black dots) and the 1/2" grip sides add the 1/2" seam allowance.

The ruler slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied.
Then, our exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and miss-cuts!

Use the white 45º angle to trim half-square triangles in whole inch increments.
Use the black 45º angle to trim half-square triangles in half inch increments.
An additional black 45º line is placed so that two angles cross 1/4" away from the outside edge.
Use these markings to square up flying geese units; squares set on point or mark cross-hatching.
The ruler also features a 30º- 60º angle.

White horizontal and vertical lines are printed on the rectangle so the center of the ruler is easily distinguishable.
Use these lines to fussy cut stripes and borders.