Square in a Square Technique Ruler

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Square in a Square Technique Ruler by Jodi Barrows

Jodi Barrows’ first book, Square in a Square® (SnS) introduces a new technique for rotary cutting and strip piecing that allows quilters to achieve perfect points with improved accuracy, simplicity of construction, and speed. The resulting blocks go together with great ease and lie very flat. Sound too good to be true? Trust me, it’s true.
The revolutionary technique begins with a square piece of fabric to which additional strips are sewn to each side. On the surface, this doesn’t seem to hold all that much promise, but Jodi has designed a special ruler called Square in a Square® Technique Ruler which makes the unusual cutting incredibly easy. She includes diagrams showing how to use a regular quilting ruler for this task, but you will be a much happier camper with the specialized version.
The theme is a square inside a square, but the variations which Jodi calls “options” are quite remarkable. She explains and expands upon seven options in this first book. Using her system, you can make half square triangles four at a time and flying geese blocks two at a time, and the resulting points are sharp and easily achieved. The first six options begin with a center square, the seventh with a sixty degree diamond for a center.